Gallery of the Arts Class

We had a fun time Saturday evening for our first class at The Gallery of the Arts. It was a ‘your choice’ so all the students picked out the product they would like to paint beforehand. This is a really nice venue to hold a paint class, large open space so plenty of room for everyone to sit and walk around but still be close enough to chat and socialize. Everyone did a great job painting their pieces, we had some first time painters there and also some of our ‘veteran’ painters. Hank is a first time painter and he was also the first one to paint the new ‘truck’ piece. He found out he could paint and do a good job of it too. This piece has a lot of detail and Hank will need to finish it up in another class. The other first time painter there was Jon who tackled the Grouper. Just by going through the process of layering your colors and blending he was able to leave with a piece that looked like a real grouper. Well done to all the painters the octopus, seahorse, elephant and fish all turned out great.







paint class

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