Thank you! This was a fun and relaxing evening. Great piece. Looking forward to the turtle. – Nita Graves

So much fun, thanks for a fun afternoon. – Andrea Wesley

So Cool Gil! You and Wendy are amazing!! – Tonya Kramer

Thank you both so much we had a great time !!! – Erin Ray

Had a blast and a great teacher! Can’t wait to do it again! Thank you! – Jen Zeilinski

We had a blast!!!! Thank you!!!! – Melissa Olbek

Everyone’s turtles came out beautiful!! I had so much fun last night…Can’t wait to try it again!!! – Cindy Copeland

Fantastic class! Thank you Gil, Wendy, Dillon and Jack for the special experience – and thank you to all my fellow classmates for such a fun night. Will definitely do it again! – Joanne Bartell

I didn’t know I could paint! Gil you are a great teacher! We had a great time! Kathy and Judy……let’s do it again! – Christine Stuckie

Your class was so much fun and an awesome learning experience. You and Gill are a great tag team and your boys are such nice kids. We’ll see you next week for the seahorse class. Can’t wait! – Linda Fellows

That was a lot of fun! Thanks Gil and Wendy. – Judy Biston

Awesome night can’t wait until Thursday and paint the turtle,thanks again for a great learning experience . – Shari Billings

Thank you Gil and Wendy!!! Had an awesome time tonight. Can’t wait until the next class!!! – Shelley Weichman

Gil and Wendy, She (the mermaid) is Spectacular! Beautiful in every way! Your Paint a Carving class is outstanding. It is fun, informative, and students get an awesome piece of artwork to take home and hang on the wall. Thank you for all of your time and effort into making Homosassa the Place to Be! – Joanne Bartell

Can’t get enough of these classes. The subjects that we paint are beautiful, Gil is an awesome artist and makes awesome carvings! This is my second class, but certainly not my last!!! – Linda Fellows