3D Paint a Seahorse

it was really exciting to introduce the new “Seahorse 2D Paint” class. These really offer our students an incredible amount of freedom to express each students individual style. This class was so much fun. Thank you to another wonderful group, it was an honor and a pleasure to paint with you. You all did an outstanding job. A great way to spend a Saturday evening, drinking wine, fun with friends and painting!



2 thoughts on “3D Paint a Seahorse

  1. Hey there guys…Its Cindy Copeland. I usually come in with Joanne Bartell. We both have done the sea turtle and the mermaid already. Is there anyway that you can schedule a Saturday class for the Seahorse? I work during the week and don’t get off from work and home until 5:30 and can’t make the other classes. Thank you!!!

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    1. Hey Cindy, how about we make a seahorse class for Feb 20th as we have that Saturday open. Then I can advertise that class and get some others together. The seahorse is a fabulous, everyone can get so creative! Just let me know and I will make it happen – Thanks.


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