3D Paint Class “Your Choice”

This morning we had a ‘your choice’ 3D paint class. This was a lot of fun and we had a wonderful group that attended this class. They painted,turtles, crabs,manatees,mermaids, frogs. Each student could choose what they wanted to paint. Some of the students had been to our previous 3D paint classes but for most this was their first time. Gil Watson went round and gave help to each student that needed it. As always, in the end the pieces turned out fantastic and everyone did such a wonderful job on their painting.  Well done to all, your pieces look awesome, we look forward to painting with you again!







2 thoughts on “3D Paint Class “Your Choice”

  1. Thinking about doing another large mermaid for Diane Hackneys event Sat., do you have any available now? I have already done 2!


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