Paint a 3D Manatee & Calf

Thanks to the wonderful group we had for the Watson’s 3D paint a manatee & calf class last night. This was a very time consuming, technical paint. Usually we have a 3 hour class just to paint a manatee and here we have a manatee with a calf plus foliage and a small fish. Where a lot of the time is spent and where the students often get stuck on, is the refraction of light on the top of the manatees. They work on this factor until, listening to instruction and going over and over it, they break through and then can see the fantastic results. That is the beauty of acrylic painting, the fact that you can go over a section until you are happy with the results, if you don’t like it, just paint over it, if you want to change the color, just paint over it. You all did an outstanding job and your results speak for themselves.




4 thoughts on “Paint a 3D Manatee & Calf

  1. They all turned out beautifully! And that’s all due to a great teacher! I love how the shop looks. I can’t wait to get back there!


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