Paint a 3D Turtle 11

What a pleasure to meet new friends and fellow painters at last nights 3D paint a turtle class. There is always so much satisfaction to see the amazing results that are achieved at these 3D classes. The turtle is one of the most versatile subjects as everyone has such an individual take on the color. Each students starts off at the same place with the blank turtle and each student receives the same instruction but as the class progresses and the students get more confident then their individuality come through in their painting. You were fun group of ladies, thank you for the evening.



turtle class

2 thoughts on “Paint a 3D Turtle 11

  1. Oh Gil!! Had to let you know the huge joy you gave us with the coordinates to what we call gills rocks. Last week we had a 3 cobia hookup. One was probably legal but we let it go. 3 at a time! So fun! Today I boated a 28 inch cobia. Thank you so much!


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