3D Paint a Seahorse

Last nights 3D paint a seahorse class was a combination of fun paint & wine mixed with business and training. Our fun group consisted of Julie (a reporter from the Citrus County Chronicle) and her daughter Lilly, Margaret (advertising executive Citrus County Chronicle) and her ‘sweetie’ Brad, Terry Green (secretary of Homosassa Civic Club), Kathy Green (Corresponding Secretary & Historian Homosassa Heritage Council), Carol Keizer (Partner, Artist, Marketing of Paint the Town Citrus), Jay Jordan UY (Marketing and Artist of Paint the Town Citrus), Jasmine Coatney (Senior Instructor Watson’s Art Gallery), Stephanie Coatney (Instructor Watson’s Art Gallery Tampa region) and Jack Watson (11-year-old artist).

It is always a pleasant surprise to see how different everybody approaches their 3D paintings. Each student starts out the same. With the seahorse each student gets to choose whatever color/colors they would like to use, we then start painting the head and work the way down all using the same painting techniques, light and shadow, blending etc but in the colors they have chosen.  Their were so many creative end results. Some of the students were novices, never having painted before, others were instructors but all showed wonderful pieces in the end. Congratulations to everyone in the class, your work was all outstanding.








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