Sea Turtle 5

Previous student and now friend, Trish Hollenbeck, asked if we could do a class as her niece was in town. As always, we said of course! So Trish came with her niece Carrie and their friend Holly joined them to paint a sea turtle. Dylan also decided to sit in on this class – budding artists of all ages are welcome. It was a great afternoon and lots of fun. I loved the fact that each one went in a different direction and experimented with different colors. This group wanted to use some metallic colors on their turtles and they turned out really wonderful. Holly was very meticulous with her painting so she did not complete her turtle and will be in this week to finish it and I will then post a pic of her completed turtle. Holly completed her turtle and it turned out spectacular!




We also these mirror frames for our students to put their painted art piece on so that they now have a practical piece of hanging art. This is the mirror frame for Trish Hollenbeck

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