Paint a Carving – Mermaid 2

Towards the end of last week we received a request to do a “paint a carving” evening for a special group that would only be in town for a few days and therefor we had to move very quickly to make this happen for them. We had the ‘Paint a mermaid’ class for this group last night and what a spectacular, fun evening it was. So thank you again to new friends, you all were amazing and your mermaids were stunning. This is also the first class where we used the very detailed, high end, mermaid pecan fiber/resin molds. The finished product is very professional and polished. You can clearly see the difference in the photograph of the two different mermaids. So please remember if you are town and you would like to put a paint group together, we can now make this happen on very short notice.

One thought on “Paint a Carving – Mermaid 2

  1. Gil and Wendy, She (the mermaid) is Spectacular! Beautiful in every way! Your Paint a Carving class is outstanding. It is fun, informative, and students get an awesome piece of artwork to take home and hang on the wall. Thank you for all of your time and effort into making Homosassa the Place to Be!


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